Hold on a second.

Why now?

I have a funny feeling.

So do I. It is called tollerance.

It is funny how I can possibly tollerate an Orakian.

No, listen. Don't you hear some kind of noise? It sounds so familiar.

Probably your stomach. I haven't eaten in a while either.


If that is my stomach, then I think I need less iron in my diet.

What is that?

*beep* Gigatron ready for battle.

Well damn. Sadoul was easier than this.

What is a Gigatron?

*beep* Gigatron is a very strong defensive device bent on destruction.

Why would something defensive be bent on destruction?

*beep* Uh... no such data.

Then answer me this. What is the square root of -4?

*beep* -2.

Wrong. -2 times -2 is 4, not -4.

*beep* does not compute. Self destruction activated.

Hit the deck.

*gets out his cards and hits them* Now what?


Oh, hit THAT deck.

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(Lagoon - Castle)