Gah! Your plan failed!

Of course it failed. I am... evil.

Now what do we do?

Allow me to help.

Who are you?

I am Sadoul, master of disaster.

But are you.... evil?

Of course I am. I killed my leader when he least expected it.

What have you got for us?

Enter, Kaiser.

*boom* Hahahahahaha.

Why does it laugh?

Because it is...

Evil, we know.

*somewhere inside the HQ*

We are almost to the top.

Any sign of our weapons?

*pauses a second* Oh crap.


I can sense Sadoul in here. And if Sadoul is in here, he might have brought... The Kaiser.

The Kaiser? This doesn't sound good.

Is it anything like Kaiser Sigma?

No idea. But we have to find the weapons fast. Before...

*beep* Hahahahahaha

The Kaiser shows up.

You will not survive. Prepare to die.

*busts in* Allow me to help.

I thought you died?

There are many Retardotaurs in this land.

Heaven forbid.

What can you do for us, besides lick your axe?

Uh... well, I can give you your weapons.

You have my sword?

Follow me. *runs off*

I can handle the Kaiser for a bit. You get your weapons. *draws the Vay Blade and attacks*

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(Mega Man 2 - Skull Castle Remix)