*opens a chest* Here they are.

*picks up the Shining Blade* Sweet.

*Picks up his Beam Sabre* Awsome.

*Picks up his shoe bomb and sniffs at it* Ah, the smell of victory.

I think that smell is athelete's foot.

And what do atheletes like? Victory.

I guess so. Lets go.

*back at Sandor*

*slashes through the center of the Kaiser*

*shuts down*

Alright, now to find Sadoul. Vay Armor, don't fail me now.

*back at the evil men*

Your Kaiser failed, Sadole.

That's Sadoul! Sa-duel. Sadoul.

You know what? Zip it.

*casts Megablast on Dr. Evil*

*is nearly electricuted to death* ...right...

Any more ideas?

I am fresh out.

At least I still have the Shard.

That shard. What power is that shard?

The power of the Last Orakian.

I command you to give me that shard.

No. Get your own. There are 7 others in this universe.

*busts in* Not so fast!

*speaks slowly* Give...me...the...shard!

Why not stop completely?

So, you are the last Orakian? What power did you posses?

Enough to make your Armor look like a birthday suit.

I see. *casts Megablast on Orakio*

*is shot back to the wall* Damn. Where is the rest of my group?

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(Super Hangon - Winning Run)