I am not going to ask again. Give me that shard!

For the last time, NO!

Why do I even bother? *casts Megablast on Dr. Wily*

AH! *disinergrates into thin air and drops the shard*

The Shard!

Uh oh! Time to retreat to my silly looking space ship that looks like a man's... nevermind. *runs away and blasts off in his spaceship*

*runs after the shard*

No you don't *charges up Megablast*

*busts in* Hold it right there!

*turns around* Sandor! How I have longed to see your face again. Allow me this time to finish you off.

*runs in* Made it just in time.

*busts in* Am I missing anything?

Always a rag tag bunch, huh Sandor?

I've got it! *picks up the Shard*


I can feel the power that I had once lost. Only 1/8 of it. *the shard disappears* Now, where was I?

About to DIE!!! *casts Megablast on Orakio*

Oh crap. *casts Megid to counter Megablast.*

*the two spells meet in the middle and start to grow bigger as more power is used*

Cool fireworks display. That brings me back to the time when I went to Atlanta to pick up my girlfriends son.

If I remember correctly, fire and lighting don't mix well. This could get ugly.

What can we do?

Sadoul is only human. Use something long enough to distract him.

Ok. *takes off his shoe and throws it at Sadoul. Green mist starts to seep out the shoe*

What the hell is this inhuman stench?

I said distract him, not kill him.

*puts more power into Megid*

Oh crap. *is incinerated to ashes. all that remains is the Armor.*

Glory behold Rune's Shoe Bomb!

Amen to that.

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(Vay - Hardcore Battle)