*then enters 2 figures that look very familiar to Orak*

You mean to tell me that you picked up these two?!

Hello there. I am White Knight Leo of Althena's Guard.

Yeah yeah. I know who you are, Leo.

And I am Hiro.

Yeah yeah. I know you too.

This is your team. Leo, Hiro, Gohan, and Crys.

Pleased to be with you.

Some reason or another, Crys looks very familiar. But why?

I don't know why either. But you look familiar to me as well.

Could be an open mystery to solve.

Not today Hiro. I am just thankful that you didn't bring that stupid cat with you.

You mean Ruby?

Yes. That.

So where is this mountain?

It is a mountain known as Katahdin.


You know it?

Located in Northern Maine. How could I not?

What is Maine?

*thud* Doesn't your mother teach you anything, or are you too much like your old man?

Uh, Orak. I wouldn't be saying that. Remember that he is very powerful.

I guess so.

I wouldn't mess with him.

Me neither. I hate to think what Goku would do.

Anyways, lets get going.

Before you go, check in with Rune. He has been working hard these last few episodes and now is ready for you to test something out.

Oh great. I hope it isn't another Shoe Bomb.

Something even better.

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Dragonship Destiny)