Look at the size of that spike!

I've seen bigger.

ROOOOOOOAR!!! *Stabs Leo with his huge spike*


Oh great. Of all times Gohan has to leave.

*grabs his sword* We don't need him. I remember facing this version with 1 character less than the maximum.

*grabs his sword* Yeah, but we are not Chaz and the rest.

*grabs his sword* And they also had other weapons besides swords.

*charges up Megid* I need some time. Attack him.

Alright. *looks at Dark Force* Poe Sword! *jumps in the air and slashes Dark Force on the way down*

Sybillium! *4 images of himself appear and they all slash Dark Force*


*continues to charge* Why can't we translate Dark Force like we can with Lavos?

ROOOOOOOOAR!!! *pounds Hiro with his big fist*


*continues to charge* Just peachy. Remind me to get Ronfar next time.

Who is Ronfar?

*continues to charge* Another Lunar 2 character, but Ronfar is by far my favorite.


*continues to charge* Can you buy me a little more time?

I don't know. What do you have planned?

*continues to charge* I plan to release a super charged Megid attack.

I wish I could use magic.

*attacks Crys with his big spike*

*jumps out of the way*

No time. I must release. *fires the super charged Megid at Dark Force*

*is ignited in huge flames and starts to burn* ROOOOOOAR!!!

We finally beat him.

*catches something out of the corner of his eye* Uh, Orak?


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(Phantasy Star IV - The King of Terrors)