Is there suppost to be another Dark Force?

Not for 1000 years. Why?

I am Dark Force, master of Death! Your sorrow, anger, and pain are my strength! Observe my might and despair of life, fools! I will greatly enjoy your painful deaths!

Oh crap. And this one talks?

Too many Dark Forces. How are we going to stop them?

*climbs up the mountain* Mind if I help?

Leimrey, what are you doing here?

Same thing I am.

Charlemenge. You too?

And myself, Epicgamer.

Who are these people?

People who wanted to be on the episode. How can I say no?

You just did.

Stop your talkin' so that I can have something for lunch.

Is this our opponent?

I sure hope not. Why can't my opponent be Super Lemon?

Oh, shut up you.

*shoots at Epic*

*gets out his Halberd*

You think your puny Halberd will stop me?

*watches his Halberd melt in front of him* I feel like Elmer Fudd right now.

Ha ha ha! Fudd face!

Shut up.

Agreed, shut up!

Make me!

*attacks Charl*

*attacks Leimrey*

I think I'll stay out of this.

*casts Tsu on Charl, Epic, and Leimrey* Why don't you all SHUT UP!!!




Make us!


Yikes!!! *runs down the mountain*

So much for them.

Oh well. I told them that I would put them in a cameo. I hope they are all HAPPY!!!

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(Phantasy Star III - Dark Force)