Now if the peanut gallery is gone, can we get on with this?

I think I prefer Dark Force when he just roared.

There is nothing worse than a loud mouth monster.

I resent that!

Big deal. Now tell us, who sent you?

I will never tell!

Who sent you!

Kiss my giant, monster-like rear end, Orakio.

Who sent you!

My master.

Who is your master?

I will never tell.

Who is your master?

I spit on the question. *spits at Cry's feet*



Well that was easy enough. Why did you answer?

I don't like being asked the same question 3 times in a row.

Why does this sound familiar? Are you any relation to Mustafa from Austin Powers?



Now, can we get on with this?

I guess we can. Nothing holding me back.

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(Golden Sun - Battle)