*thunder claps nearby and out of the blue, appears a familiar figure*

Lord Erim!

You never do shut up do you?

That is what I was thinking.

I sent you here to guard what lies on top of Katahdin.

I'm sorry, Lord Erim.

Erim, why are you doing this?

Because I am sick of being the one who everybody counts on. So I rose up and became Mr. Shorty.

Mr. Shorty? You? *laughs*

I have to admit, that is pretty funny. *laughs as well*

Shut up you! Dark Force, ATTACK!

*stops laughing* Ok. *casts Tsu on Orakio*

*dodges the attack and slashes Dark Force*


Dodge you moron!

I can't. I am too slow.

Morons tend to be slow.

I resent that!

So what? *shoots a blast at Dark Force*

I regret only resenting twice! *disintergrates due to the blast*




Now, I have a gift for you Orakio. *snaps her fingers and a red treasure chest appears* Inside this chest is one of the 8 shards. I found this a while back, and now I will give it to you.

Orak. I don't trust her.

I don't either. What is the catch?

No catch. I just feel sorry for not telling you sooner.


Don't do it Orak.

*walks up to the chest and opens it*

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