What's this? I feel the tremendous strength of dark power!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! This is Pandora's box! It contains all that is evil, all that you call the dark force! This is a present from our world to all of you! Take it!


Great. Another Dark Force.

What makes this one so different?

The other Dark Forces only took me 1 try to defeat. This one took me days.

Why is that?

*shoots magic from his mouth at Orakio*

*is hit but no effect* That is the reason.

What happened?

He just sealed my techniques. I don't feel a thing, yet I know something is different.

Oh crap.

*glows a bright white and shoots magic at Crys*

*is hit* I feel the same way.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You have no chance to survive!

*flies down the mountain* What is taking you so long? *looks at Dark Force* ...Nevermind.

*shoots a beam at Gohan*

*smacks the beam away*






Think you can finish him off, Gohan?

I can try. *pulls his arms back* Ka me...

Hit the deck! *dives to the ground and covers himself*

Ha me...

*does the same thing*

HA! *pulls his arms forward and unleashes a huge Kamehameha Wave on Dark Force*

*is incinerated by the huge Ki attack*

Just great. Don't think you have won just yet. *disappears*

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(Phantasy Star II - Death Place)