That was a close call.

You ain't kidding.

I wondered what took you so long.

*gets up* Dark Force showed up.

*gets up* He slowed us down for a while.

You ain't kidding.

I just said that.



Anyways, what did you find on top of Katahdin, Gohan?

Well, it seems that there is some sort of temple on top of Mt. Katahdin.


I wonder what is inside?

There is a man inside, an old man. He says that he knows of your coming, and has something to tell you.

You mean you already saw the man?

Yeah, I got hungry so I went inside.

You are like your old man. I bet that you can't cook either.


Anyways, I must get to the top. The rest of you can leave.

We can, but the old man also wanted to see Crys.

Me? Why me?

Something important. But before you leave, take this *hands Orakio a shard*

Where did you get this?

Dark Force Dropped it.

So Erim wasn't lying. There was a shard in that chest.

Thank you. Anyways, it is time to put Rune's invention to good use. *gets out the Hookshot*

Do you expect me to climb without a Hookshot?

*grabs onto Crys* No, this can support us. *shoots the Hookshot to a ledge and the hook catches on a rock. It then pulls them up*

Talk to you later *flies off*

*goes back down*

*follows Leo*

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(Final Fantasy VI - Land of Balance Remix)