*after a while, Orakio and Crys make it to the top*

There, we made it to the top.

Ya think?

Let's go inside

*Orakio and Crys make it inside the temple*

There, we are inside the temple.

I sometimes wonder if you even have a brain.

Shush you. *walks down the hall*

Man, there are so many things in here. It is like a museum.

It seems that we are at the end of the hall. Nothing is here but 2 statues.

Hmm. Look at those statues.

*looks at them* What about them?

They look familiar.

*thunder claps*

It seems that Gohan was wrong. There is no old man up here.

*voice* But there are 2 people here that await you.

Orakio! The statue, it spoke!

*comes to life* Hello, Orakio, Crys.

*comes to life*Welcome to Katahdin Palace.

Statues? Alive? I must be going crazy.

Yes you are. You have been for a LOOOOOOONG time.

Shut up. Who are you? How do you know me?

You both seem shocked.


*looks closely* Dad?

Ho ho ho ho. Orakio, you do know who I am.

If you are my father, then is this my... mother?

No, I am Crys' mother.

Then why are you too together? Where is mom?

Orakio, this is my 2nd wife Sarah. After your mother died, I remarried.

You are my father?

And you are my father.

Now you know the truth. Crys is your 1/2 brother.

I am happy to finally share this with you.

... my brother?

That is right. Rulakir's too.

Where is Rulakir?

He has died. Many, many times. The last time I saw him, he was a ghost, but had lost his powers as well as mine inside the shards.

The shards! That's right! You have 3 right now, right?

Yeah. Why?

I have another shard for you. *gives Orakio the shard*

*takes the shard* Where did you find this one?

In Katahdin, there are only outhouses. I was on one of them when it flew out of the sky and landed on the roof.

So you found the shard while on the crapper?

I guess you could say that. Ho ho ho ho.

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(Final Fantasy IV - Lunarians)