Father, I have something to ask you.

What is it?

Orakio said that he was given your sword, and Rune says that my sword was also your's. Did you have 2 swords at one time?

Yeah, I would also like to know.

Ho ho ho. You would like to know why I gave you both a sword of my own?

Stop going ho ho ho. I feel like there is either a prostitute around or that you are Santa Claus.

None of the above. Anyways, about the swords. The Langrisser and Orakio's Sword were both as one.

Both as one?

That would explain why one is black and the other is white.

Why didn't Rulakir get one?

He was the evil twin. Entrusting him with the other blade would surely make him more powerful.

Then why did I get the black one?

The 2 colors do not mean one is evil and one is good.

Then what does it mean?

It means nothing. It just happened that way.

What would happen if the two were joined together?

Don't even talk about things like that. That sword as one was very powerful. Like the Triforce, the blade reflects the heart of the wielder.

...come again?

If you are good, it will make the good power even greater. Same way with evil. That is why I split it up. If Rulakir got a hold of one, he would surely get both.

I am not worried about Rulakir. I have his power with the Shards.

Oh yes, that is the other thing. He has the other 4 shards.

This is not good.

So wait. I have his power, but yet he has my power, so basically, I am still stronger than him because he was stronger than me. Oh no, I've gone crosseyed.

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(Phantasy Star IV - The Age of Fables)