*a flash of light appears and strikes a poll, starting a fire*


Talk about something right out of the blue.

Our home! What happened?

I don't know.


??? You mean he has returned?

I am positive. I feel his presance.

Not good. Again.

*walks into the shadows* Ah yes, I have returned.

Oh just great. What do you want now, brother?

You know. I seek what you seek.

You mean that you are after a book on hitting a nail with a hammer as well?

The shards you moron!

Oh. I am not seeking them, I am just looking for them.

??? Wh...what?

You know, you can observe a lot of things just by watching.

??? ENOUGH! Put Yogi Berra away.

Hey, you guessed it.


Hey, can you revert back to human form?

As you are a Shining Knight, I am a Shadow Knight. I can remove my armor as you can remove yours.

Why would I do that?

A fair fight. Winner takes the shards. Thus making the winner twice as powerful.

You, play fair? Right. What does the loser get?


Fair enough. I shall remove my armor.

Orakio, NO!


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(Super Smash Bros. Melee - Hyrule Temple)