Orak, wake up.

*wakes up*

The same dream again, Orak?

I have had this dream ever since I got the shards together.

You never fully explained the dream to me.

I just assume not to.

*walks in* Zelda, you called?

Yeah, Orakio seems to be disturbed.

Is that it? Hell I've been disturbed since I got married, but no one ever came to me with concern.

It's nothing to worry about chief.

Right. It is nothing to worry about when my best agent won't get up out of bed.


What is wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

Orakio has been having nightmares.

Well so have I...


Sorry. Orak, tell me about thist dream.

Well, if you must know.

Yes I must. Zelda, take note on his dream.

Well, I dream that I am in this dark room. All I can hear is a voice, and all I can see is a light above a large steel door.


The voice says that he is there to test my strength. So he sends some enemies to fight me.

Go on.

The first is a Ghoul, looks exactly like the one from Phantasy Star. I kill him with a quick slash.

So what is there to worry about?


The 2nd is a Blue Dragon, another Phantasy Star look-a-like. He shoots a blazing fire at me. I hold my shard up to the flames and absorb the fire. I then kill it with a move I have no idea how to execute called the Orakian Bomb.

Orakian Bomb? Anything like a Shoe Bomb?



Is that possible?

Believe me, according to this dream, it is.


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(Phantasy Star II - A Prologue)