And then what happened?

Well, he sends the 3rd and final opponent. A girl around my age.

You always did have a weakness for women.

But somewhere deep, I reconized the girl. She grabbed her bow and arrow and aimed at me.

An archer chick!

Just as I realized who she was, she had shot the arrow at me. That is when I wake up.

Who was this girl?

When I lived in Maine, before I came to control, I was friends with Mayor King's daughter, Laya. Her magic was powerful, and she was very skilled with a bow.


Yes. But what disturbs me more, is that the voice said that I cannot defeat my past.

Can you?

...*gets up and walks off*

You were right Zelda, there is something disturbing him.

Ya think?

Who can we call on this matter?


Might as well. Selan?


Call up Professor Rune. Maybe he can make some sence out of this.

Yes sir. *presses a button on the control panel* Professor Rune, please visit the Infermiry at once.


What is wrong?

Orakio has been having bad dreams, and I just got word.

Word of what?

SYCO is back, and stronger than ever.

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(Lufia - Theme of Sorrow)