*Somewhere on Mt. Katahdin*

Orakio! Wait up!

... *continues to move*

*raises his hand and warps in front of Orakio* I told you to wait up.

What do you want?

The Chief sent me to talk to you.

Why you?

Because I am always the one to bail you out.


Something is bothering you, and we at control cannot have our best agent not at his best.

Why not? SYCO hasn't attacked for months.

That is just the point. The Chief suspects that SYCO is back.

Without a leader, they are nothing. Rulakir, even if he is revived, won't have any power.

I don't think it is Rulakir.

Then why worry? Crys can handle it now. I have trained him to the best of my ability.

Just tell me what is wrong with you.

If you must know, it is just a bad dream.

I was told about this dream. Who is this Laya?

Just an old friend.

What happened?

If you must know...

Flashback scene, just click here

(Vay - Lorath Castle)