How long has it been Laya since we last saw each other?

It has been quite a while. About 6 months.

Did you ever find out anything on Mt. Katahdin?

Nothing yet. But I am getting closer to the secret.

Have any idea what it could be?

The only clue I have to what it is was found in a book in the Library my father closed. I snuck in and found it.

What did it say?

It was in an ancient writing. Nobody could read it.

And that is a clue?

Possibly. The book's title is "Secret of Katahdin"

I am off for a while. Why don't we go and find it together.


*back in reality*

I know that you went to Katahdin recently, but did you ever find the secret of Katahdin?

We got close.

What kind of book did Laya have?

I don't know, I never got to look at it... *sigh* and probably never will.

Why not continue?

I must say that this really bothers me to continue.

Continue or I get a Shoe Bomb.

You can't threaten me!

*hits Orak on the side of the head with a Psycho Wand* Now tell me!

Oh all right.

Click here to continue.

(Breath of Fire - Alan and Cerl Forever)