*back in the flashback*

Do you hear something?

*stares at Orakio* I don't hear a thing.

Must be just me. *continues up the mountain*

Maybe. *continues as well*

*a thunderous explosion is heard from a distance*

*turns around and draws his sword* Now I did hear that.

*draws her bow* So did I.

*the ground then starts to shake*

What happened?



Maine has never had an earthquake. We are too far away from any plates.

No, but we are close to a fork and a spoon.

Very funny.

Then what is causing this quake?

I don't kn...

*a crevice appears under Laya*


*drops his sword and grabs Laya's arm* The mountain is splitting up!

Don't let go of me!

I won't let go.

*looks down* Is that lava?

It can't be. Katahdin is not an active volcano.

Unless we have discovered the secret of Katahdin.

This is the secret? Katahdin is a Volcano?

But it has never erupted in the past.


I wonder if there is an internal control system.

*the earth shakes again*

Orakio! I'm slipping!

*Takes her other hand* I've gotcha!

Pull me up, quickly!

*starts pulling her up*

*flies in* Well, Orakian. Did you miss me?


Not again!

I'm not taking any chances this time. I am killing you both! *shoots a small Ki blast at Orakio*

*is hit and falls down the pit*

Orakio!!!!!! *grabs onto a niche in the ledge*

Laya!!!!! *grabs onto the same niche*

Dammit! Oh well, they have no chance of surviving. *flies off*

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Premonition)