Oh no!

What are you worried about?

I can't do this.

Why not?

The dream. I know what is coming next.

Sucks to your dreams. This is just a coincidence. Ghouls roam all over this world.

None that look like that.

*Slaps Merlin with a mighty force*

*falls against a wall* D'oh.

You alright?

*gets up* Yes. *is hit by a falling Piano.*

You alright?

What do you think, brother?

*looks towards the Ghoul*


*runs at the Ghoul and slashes him quickly with the sword*


This is too freaky.

*tries to lift up the Piano* This damn thing is too heavy.

Don't worry about me. I am used to it by now. *groans*

I'll send for backup.

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(Golden Sun - Saturos Battle)