*roaring is heard from a distance*

Not again!

This is too much. I wonder if Goku's group is having any trouble.


Coincidence? I think not!

It can't be.

*Breathes fire on Crys*

*is sent back towards Merlin* Tic Tac?

*looks towards Orakio*

Oh no! This is not good.

*walks towards Orakio*

I wish this shard could really do more for me.

*just then, something really unexpected happens*

*flies in*

Oh no. Now what!

Orakio. Charge up the Orakian Bomb while I hold the Blue Dragon down.

Why are you helping me?

Listen, I'll explain later. Just charge it up.

How can you hold him? You have no power.

I have my ways. Now charge it!


Just hold the Shard in your hands and when you feel the power, unleash the bomb.

I'll try. *holds the Shard in his hands and starts to chant a foriegn language*

That's it Orakio. You have learned the Orakian language. Now the circle is complete. *holds the Dragon*

*glows a bright red* Orakian Bomb!

*continues to hold the Dragon*

*Runs towards the Blue Dragon. He smashes into and through the Blue Dragon and Rulakir.*


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(Phantasy Star III - Dark Force)