*runs towards the fallen Rulakir* Rulakir, are you alright?

You've done it. *cough*

Done what?

You spoke Orakian.

Big deal. Why did you help me?

I must tell you something.


All this time, I have been manipulated by SYCO.


The true leader of SYCO knew that Control was going after an Orakian, so SYCO wanted to do the same thing.

So you mean...

SYCO did this to me. Mr. Shorty is nothing but a Pawn of the true SYCO leader.

Mr. Tall?

I think that is what they call him.

So you wanted to get revenge on them as well.

Mr. Tall has been using Telepathy. He can read minds and even inforce dreams unto people.

Then that explains it.

Mr. Shorty is holding a hostage in this lair. The hostage knows who Mr. Tall is and where to find him, and even how to kill him. *gets up*

Rulakir, lay down. You need the rest.

My time is up. *walks towards the pit* I trust that you will defeat Mr. Tall and restore peace to this world.

Rulakir, let me give you 1/2 of the power, we can fight this together.

Only the Orakian Bomb can defeat SYCO. Only when the two powers have merged can the true Orakian power be revealed.


Take the shard and go. You are indeed the chosen one to rid evil of this world.


*smiles* Goodbye, my brother. *jumps into the pit*


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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Betrayal)