*cries* My love, my brother. Gone at the hands of SYCO.

That is why we must get revenge.

We? This is my job now, not anybody elses.

We are in this together, weither you like it or not.

*turns around* NO! I am going to finish this by myself. *runs off*

*tackles Orak* Merlin, call the Chief. We need him right now.


The name is Crys.

*calls the Chief*

Let go of me!

You are too crazy to be fighting right now. The way you are going, you will destroy this world in order to rid of SYCO.

Then so be it. I don't care if I die anymore. The lives of Laya and Rulakir can never be returned to me.

I am still your brother. You still have me.


I may not hold a special bond like you and your twin had, but I am still here for you.


We must think of a strategy. Mr. Shorty is waiting.

I am no longer after him. Mr. Shorty is but a pawn. Mr. Tall is the real leader.

Heh, good one, Orak.

I am not joking you jabroni. Rulakir told me. And now, this is my time. *flares up energy*

*is cast away from Orak by the force*

I have but one last chance. I must merge with the Shard.

Orakio, no!

*Raises the Shard to the air* *Chants in Orakian*

That language. It can't be...

*thunder strikes the shard. The Shard disintergrates and Orakio glows a bright white*


What the hell is happening out there? Get this damn thing offa me!

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(WWE - The Undertaker (old) )