*Orakio finally reaches the core of the volcano control system*

Mr. Tall should be around here somewhere.

Perhaps you are looking for me?

So you are Mr. Tall. You don't look very tall to me.

Maybe not, but I am still all powerful.

And why do you say that?

I have the rings. All your ring are belong to me.

But I have the Shard. All your shard are belong to me.

So what? You are still by far too weak to challenge me, the great Tsarkon!


Of all people who should know, I thought that you would.

Oh! Now I remember. Sword of Vermilion. You are that villain who killed King Erik IV.

Indeed I am. And now I have collected all 16 rings, and am now the most powerful being on this planet.

16? How did you get the 8 rings of light?

You haven't played Sword of Vermilion for a while, so I took them while Erik V was in standstill.

Well, it comes down to this then, a fight between me, and you, short one.

You think I am short?

Please, I can take you down with 1 arm behind my back.

Is that so? *sinks into the ground*

Oh crap, this looks familiar.

Hahahahahahaha! Who is short now?

This is not good.

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(Phantasy Star III - Rhys' Anger)