*the final battle*

Now lets see how Control handles this SYCO.

*grabs his sword* Bring it on!

*one head goes for a bite while the other breathes fire on Orakio*

*dodges both attacks* Think you can do better than that? *goes in for a slash*

*knocks Orakio away*

*falls backwards* Ow! That hurt!

Not as much as this is going to. *breathes more fire on Orakio*


*things look grim for Orakio, until something happens*

Kamehameha! *fires a huge Ki blast at Tsarkon*

*stops breathing fire but is unharmed by the Ki blast* Hahahahahahaha! You can't stop me!

*slashes Tsarkon with his Beam Saber*

*blasts Tsarkon with his X Buster*

*drops a Piano on Tsarkon*

*throws Tsarkon helluva far*

*casts Megid on Tsarkon*

*absorbs all of it* Hahahahahahaha!!!

I don't believe it.

We gave him are best attacks.

And yet he still absorbed it.

How is this possible?

What the hell has this foo' been drinkin?

I thank you all for coming, but I really don't need you.

You would have been toasted if we haven't have come along, foo'!

I'm sorry Orak, I couldn't let you go in alone.

Now, you all DIE! *breathes heavy flames on everybody*

*is sent flying back*

*absorbs the flames, but melts the gold* What you doin' to my gold, sucka?

You seem impervious to my flames.

You have a bad case of Gingivitus, foo'.

How would you like to go on a flight.

Oh no. I hate flying!

*hits Mr. T with his head and sends him flying*

Suckaaaaaaaa!!! *flies away*

Oh crap. Mr. T is gone!

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(Romancing SaGa 3 - Boss Battle)