Now you have no chance of stopping me!

If only I had my sword, I could stop him.

*gives Crys the Orakian Sword* Knock yourself out.

Thanks. Downward Thrust! *jumps up and brings his sword below him, point down*

*Knocks Crys out of the way with a fast swipe*

Crys you fool! I didn't mean literally.

*is knocked out*

How about we send a Kamekaze Piano after Tsarkon?

*a piano falls on Tsarkon, but it bounces off it's thick skin and lands on... you guessed it.*

I knew that was going to happen. Ow!

I don't think there is much else we can do.

*flies in* Yes there is, Kakarot.


Of all times for that jabroni to show up.

I thought I told you to leave!

No one tells Vegeta what to do. I have come to finish the job that these weaklings couldn't finish.

Just try it.

FINAL FLASH! *shoots a huge Ki blast at Tsarkon*

*reflects the Ki blast and sends it back to Vegeta*

*is hit by his own attack and sent flying through a wall* Damn!

No one can stop Lord Tsarkon! Hahahahahaha!

What is there left to do?

I have no choice but to take Austin's advice.

What was that?

*takes out the ball of Flubber.* To hit him with his weakness.


Oh no! Not that!

*throws the ball of flubber at Tsarkon.

*it hit by the Flubber and turns a bright green*

How come he is not dead?

It seems that it only weakened him.

That is all I need.

Now you have made me really mad! Prepare to fry!

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali)