This is our last shot. But I need your help.

What do you need?

I need you to hold Tsarkon off until I finish charging up the Orakian Bomb.

Orakian Bomb? In order to kill him with that, it will take every last ounce of energy you have.

There must be another way.

There is no other way. Rulakir was right. Only the Orakian Bomb can kill Tsarkon.

Whatever it takes to free this world.

That's the spirit. Now, hold him off for about 5 minutes.

*wakes up* Orakio?


If you don't make it out alive...


I want you to know that you have been a good brother to me.

Thanks Crys. Now, once I am charged up, everybody get out of the volcano. There will be an explosion.

Explosion? I hope you don't plan on leaving me here.

Right. Anyways. I am attacking. *starts his attack*

*fires a Ki blast at Tsarkon*

*shoots Tsarkon*

*shoots Tsarkon as well*

Be with me, Laya and Rulakir. *starts chanting in Orakian*

*is getting damaged, but is not taking much.* Your puny attacks cannot stop me! *shoots fire at X*

*falls back*


*shoots fire at Zero*

*falls back*

How long has it been?

10 seconds.

*swats Crys away*

*falls back*

Make that 15 seconds.

*flies in* Thought I could help. *fires a Ki blast at Tsarkon*

*flies in* Me too, daddy. *fires a Ki blast at Tsarkon*

*3 minutes later*

You think you could stall me?

It's worked so far.

Not this time! *swats Goku, Trunks, and Gohan away*

*falls back*

We failed. We didn't give Orakio enough time.

All I need is 30 seconds.

*falls back to earth* 'Bout time I came back.

*falls as well* Me too.

Listen, can you both buy me 30 seconds?

Sure thing.

It will cost you, Orakian.

I have 1 billion Meseta at Control. Help and you can have it.

1 billion for 30 seconds? Bill Gates, eat your heart out. *fires a Ki blast at Tsarkon*

*throws Tsarkon helluva far*

*swats Mr. T and Vegeta away*

Not again!!!! *flies away*

What I do for money. *flies away*

Now, I finish the job!

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(Final Fantasy IV - Ring of Bomb)