Thank you all. Now get out! *glows a bright red*

*everybody gathers up their last bits strength and exit the Volcano*

And just what do you think you are doing?

Orakian Bomb! *runs into and through Tsarkon, causing a huge explosion*.

NOOOOOOOO! All I have worked for is gone! *collapses*

There. *huff* *puff* It is done. *collapses* Now I meet you both again.

*just then, there is one final earthquake. Both bodies of Tsarkon and Orakio fall into the lava pit*

*back at Control*

What!!! Orakio is dead?!

I am afraid so.

How could you let something like this happen to him?

*hangs his head* I am sorry, I was under a piano at the time.

That is your excuse for everything.

He had to give up his life to save the rest of the world.

He always had to be noble.

Indeed, he did. *looks at the Orakian Sword* Here. *hands the Sword to the Chief*

What is this?

This is the combined Black Blade and Langrisser, the Orakian Sword.

And what do you want me to do with it?

Make a memorial for Orakio.

Well, since he left no earthly remains by falling into the pit...

Did you say pit?

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(Sword of Vermilion - Fuyodol)