*a few months after Tsarkon was defeated, back at Control HQ*

Anybody know where the heck Orakio is?

Not a clue.

Well you're no help. I need to find him.

He might have went off with Laya again.

That jabroni has been out with Laya ever since he came back.

Can't blame the guy. Have you seen Laya?

Oooooh yeah. What a fine item she is.

Lucky Orak.

*a slamming door is heard from the distance*

What was that?

I think it was a slamming door from a distance.

No kidding Dick Tracy.

*walks in*

Hey Orak... *looks at his new clothing* What is that?

Since I have no power left, I decided to just settle down and live an easy life. Thus the robe.

Still upset over that fact?

No, I am upset because Laya dumped me.

She did? *runs off to find Laya*

??? Why did she dump you.

She wanted a man with power.

She should have came to me then.

No, I believe she went to see the Tool Man. He has more power.

*walks in* You're darn right I have more power.


Tool man, what are you doing here?

I have something to tell you all. *presses a button on his control panel* Selan, call a Control Meeting immediatly in the auditorium.

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