*in the auditorium*

*sits down* I wonder why the Chief called this meeting.

I have no idea. He has seemed a bit depressed lately.

I am sure that the Chief will reveal what he has to say real soon.

*sits down*

What kinda foo' brought me here? *sits down*

*walks in and sits down*

*looks over to Laya* What is Laya doing here? She is not a control member.

*looks over to Orak with a mean glare, then places her eyes on the stage*

Are you sure that you want to do this Al?

Tim, right now, I have to. *gets up and starts for the microphone*

Alright, if you say so.

What is the Tool man doing here?

Fellow Control Members, I bet you are all wondering what I am doing here.

You bet we do ya foo'. I have milk to deliever.

Yeah, anyways. I have invited the Tool man and Laya to be here in this meeting. This meeting concerns them.


Anyways, after a long thought, I have decided to retire as Chief of control.






Why do this chief?

I am getting too old for this. I don't feel useful anymore. So my last duty as Chief was to appoint the Tool man as Chief.

But Chief, what will happen to me?

You Selan are a free woman now. You can stay with control as a field agent, or leave and do what you wish.

But chief...

I am no longer your chief. I am just Al Bundy, doomed shoe salesman. *a moment of silence* Anyways, treat the Tool man as you would treat me. Bye bye, my friends... and Orak. *walks off, into the distance*

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(Bahamut Lagoon - Friendship)