Alrighty fellow control Agents.

Hey Tool man!

I would like to get to know all of your names. But first I want to introduce my personal secretary. Laya, step up.


*steps up* Thank you Timmy.

Tool man, what about Selan?

I offered her the job, but she refused it.

Then why pick Laya?

You moron, because I have the abilities.


Anyways, the first thing we need to do is totally redo the whole Control HQ.

Why do that? SYCO is gone and we don't need the technology.

Because we need MORE POWER!!! *grunts*

But how are we going to do this? We don't have the technology to add technology.

Don't worry, I invited a few of your friends over to aid with the creation.

*comes in* Where do I begin?

Tenchimaru Draconis?

Yeah, got a problem wit' that Orak?

Oh no.

*enters* So this is Control HQ?

Yeah DG, this is control. My home away from Maine.

Hey, where did your amor go?

I put it in storage. I am taking it easy.

Yeah right. What shrine are you working on now?

I plead the 5th.

*flies in with blueprints in hand* This is control? I'll have to write about this.


Hey Orak.

*enters* Why am I always stuck with building projects?

At least you aren't stuck tuning a...

DON'T SAY IT!!! I don't need something that wheighs a ton slamming down on me.

*runs in and tackles Merlin* No, but how about something that doesn't weigh much at all?

Ow Faetan. Don't you ever get tired of tackling me?

No. Of course not.

*picks himself up* Thought not.

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(Breath of Fire - Overworld 1)