What was that all about? Where can one man get that much power?

Jealous Tool man?

I want more power! *grunts*

Why does he want that book?

Laya dropped it in Mt. Katahdin. The book is writen in Orakian.

Well why haven't you read it yet?

I've been too busy shrining.

This Ghaleon dude looks bad.

Can someone get me out from under here?

Sure thing. *gets out a Binford 6100 Flamethrower* We'll burn that piano to kingdom come with flames hotter than those of hell themselves *grunts*

*jumps up from under the piano* NO!


I'm free?

How did you manage to do that?

I've seen Tool Time. I knew what was coming.

Heh heh. I knew that would getcha. *puts his Flamethrower away*

Man, a souped up flamethrower. That is dangerous. Even moreso than Megid.


Nevermind. I forget that you aren't familiar with the fantasy world yet.

I guess not. Ok everybody, BACK TO WORK! *grunts*

Can't I at least rest until the pain goes away?

Men feel no pain, Merlin.

Hey, if you were hit with a piano, you would feel pain too.

I've been electricted, blown up, smashed, dashed, crashed, and I even feel 10 stories into a porter potty. I still felt no pain.

Then explain the hospital bills?

Uh... well... *points* Hey there Wilson! *runs*

I can only guess what kind of chief he will make.

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(Lufia - Gate of Journey)