Hey? Where have all the women gone? They have work to do.

Well, I assume that Selan is showing them each around one more time before she leaves.

*somewhere in Control*

Well girls, that is about it for the Control HQ tour. It's a shame too, I won't be able to do this anymore.

Yeah better do a good job of it Laya.

I'll do just fine. I have the chief to back me up.

The Chief... *runs off crying*

What was that all about?

She might be upset over losing her job?

She needs somebody to huggle.

Doesn't she have Maxim?

Bah, what does he know?

I don't know what he knows.

And I don't know what you don't know what he don't know.

*walks in* Hey, where have you girls been?

Oh hey Crys. What do you need?

The Chief has been looking for you all.

Does he really expect us to work?

I believe so.

Can you work for us?

Can't you all work yourselves?

Pweese. ^_^

*stares at Nessa* Oh alright. I'll work. *mumbles* Lucky for you, I can't resist a pretty face.

That was quick thinking, Nessa.


Can you write about it for me?

Maybe. ^_^

*back at the worksite*

Where are the rest of my men?

We're all here.

I think I am missing a few.

I am sure that they will show up... unless they hit a bad connection somewhere.

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(Lufia - Kingdom of Alekia)