Yo, am I late?


*walks in* Who do you think you are fooling?

Oh crap. An imitation Zero.

I am not the imitation. You are.

No, you are.

Am not!

*gets out his Beam Saber* Yes you are.

*gets out his Beam Saber* Yes I am.

*puts away his Beam Saber* Ok, you win. You are the imitation.

No fair. *puts his Beam Saber away*

Someone learned well.

That Zero doesn't have enough brains to fill his own helmet.

*walks in* Hey people.

Hey Rirse. Decided to help redecorate Control HQ?

Only if you help me with Twisted RPG Theater sometime in the future.

We'll talk about it over a glass of Moxie.

*walks in* This dump is Control?

Yes. Our landfill is outside if you wish to see it Galloway.


*walks in* Hey Chief, I found the women.

Great, where are they?

Finishing up the tour. They asked me to work for them.

And you accepted?

I couldn't resist their faces.

Ugh. You have a lot to learn there son.

The girls are all alone?

Pretty much.

Don't you know that a man's duty is to protect the woman?

Hey, I an still a kid. Leave me be.

You'll never learn, will you son?

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(Mega Man X5 - Zero's Theme)