Heh, chapter 3 introduction is pretty neat. It says:

When the Orakian Line ends,
A pair of twins will both carry,
The Powers of the entire Line,
One of Light, and one of Dark.

When the world needs a hero,
The one of Light shall arise,
And take the powers of the Dark,
To become the Hero of the world.

Why does this somehow look familiar?

You can read that weird writing? *glares at the book closely*

It doesn't explain why Ghaleon would want the book.

There is more... "Most of my research consists of how to find a great power. If this power were to fall into the wrong hands, the whole Fantasy World would be destroyed."

That would explain it.

*continues* "The twins merger is only 1/2 of the ultimate power. In order to gain the ultimate power, the other set of pure blooded twins must merge with the Orakian Hero..."

"Other set of twins"?

What the heck? There are more Orakians?

I am half blooded, and I had no twin.

What does this mean?

I don't know, but this gets weirder every time.

What can this mean?

*walks in* So, you have finally read the book.


You seem to be confused as to what the book is saying.

Yeah, I am. What other pair of twins are there?

I have something to tell you about the legend.


About the light and the dark. You carried the light, Rulakir carried the dark, though he decided to use his dark powers for good at the end.

What does this all mean?

Orakio, before your mother gave birth to you and Rulakir, 1 year before she did so, she gave birth to another set of twins. Both female. We named them Orakia and Rulakia.


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