Father, how come you didn't tell me sooner?

I didn't think that a Hero would be needed again. The Merger of yours and Rulakir's powers, I thought would be enough.

Wait a second... Merge? Powers? Female twins? Where?

Uh... I'm not even gonna comment on that.

But why does Ghaleon want this book?

You see, he has kidnapped almost every woman in the Fantasy World. He is looking for the pair of Orakian twins that will give him the power.

I have to stop him.

But how? You have no power.

I'll be right back. *runs off*

Father. What is going on here?

Ghaleon plans on ruling the world.

Well, duh. I could have figured that out myself.

He took every woman to find those twins. Once he finds the twins, he will strip them of their powers. He will then take the power and then try to take the power Orakio has.


If he succeeds, I am afraid that no one can stop him. Not even a Dragonmaster.

*returns* Back.

Ok, this is getting weird. Now you have red hair?

That's right. I forgot that he still had his Shining Armor.

This may not be much power, but at least I am not going in alone.

Going in?

I am gonna storm his palace and get the women back.

Alright, now we've got some action.

I can't let my master down. You'll need some extreme power which only I can give.

I'm coming along. You can never have too many swords.

Need a contract? We'll contract Ghaleon to my HQ.

I am coming along as well. Been a while since I've been in a big fight.

I want a piece of this as well.

Yeah, I want a piece of him as well... and his little pony too.

Let me at him.

I want revenge. Today, I r teh dev0l.

...well, thank you all for offering your help. I am going to need everything I can get to attack Ghaleon.

I'm coming as well.

Oh yeah, gotta love an attack. What should I take? My Nailgun or my Flamethrower?

Will they both explode?

Most likely.

I don't care then.

Anyways, Ghaleon's Palace is conviently parked outside Control HQ.

His Palace is on the Grindery I take it.


Well, he probably stopped for water. Let's go attack.

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(Lufia 2 - For the Savior)