*inside Ghaleon's Palace on the top floor*

Damn this Grindery. Can't Taben invent something that works?

*an alarm goes off*

Alarm: Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Hmm. The Orakian has arrived. *presses a button on the wall* Let's give him a little playmate before coming into my throne room.

Orakio will come and get us.

How come you are not in your dress, Dragon Girl?

Because I don't want to.

Tsk tsk tsk, Dragon Girl. Don't you remember what happened to the last girl who refused to wear one of my dresses?

I really hate you, Ghaleon.

Now, bring me the rest of the girls!

*a guard walks out to retrieve the rest of the girls*

My Merlin will save me.

I am not worried about him. I won't be so kind this time. This time, I am hitting him with a Grand Piano.

*gasp* Merlin, please be careful.

*the guard walks back in and escourts Tia, Selan, Laya, Zelda, Weiila, and two other girls to Ghaleon*

Why are they not in their dresses?

I am! Don't refer to all of us if one of us has a dress on.

Hahahaha! You look funny.

You look hillarious yourself. Perhaps even funnier.

Hey, I am blaming Orakio's spriting abilities on this.

I thought you blamed Fred Willard?

Well, Orakio is 2nd on my blame list. At least for this dress.

Silence! Orakia, Rulakia. Come forth.

*steps forward*

Ah, my Orakian Girls. You both look well today.

What do you want, Ghaleon?

You mean that you don't know why you are here? Guard. Bring forth my prisoners.

*a guard leaves to get the prisoners*

Ghaleon you fiend!

Why my Dark Princess? Rulakia, why are you so upset? Your Dark Powers with mine can rule the world.

I am upset because you are luring my brother into a deathtrap.

*the guard comes with the prisoners*

Whoa. What am I doing here?

Who are you?

Rulakir, 984, I am Ghaleon, Magic Emperor.

So what?

What do you want with us?

Megaman984. You have the Orakian Powers somewhere I presume?

Wait a second. Why are you doing this? Why do you want Orak's and my powers?

AND... the powers of your sisters.



Why you have grown some since we last saw you.

Dammit Ghaleon, what kinda tricks are you trying to pull?

No tricks. Once your brother comes, I will have the 4 Orakians in one room. Your powers will become mine and I will soon rule the world!

Four Orakians?

Rulakir. We are your older twin sisters, Orakia and Rulakia. We are full blooded Orakians as well.

I refuse to believe it.

Oh well Orakian. You will believe soon enough. Just watch as your brother plays with my Black Dragon. Hahahahahahaha!

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(Lufia 2 - Dragon Shrine)