I have arrived!

Ah, Orakian. You have arrived.

That is what I just said.

It's a shame too. *presses a button on a wall*

*a pit opens up beneath the rest of the gang*

Oh crap. *falls through the pit*

Oh no. *falls through the pit*

Ugh! *grabs onto the edge* Orakio! *throws the Orakian Sword to him and falls through the pit*

*grabs the Orakian Sword*

Now, I have the 4 Orakians in the same room, and all of the girls are tied up.

4 Orakians? You mean Rulakir is here?

Yes, I am.

How did you get out?

Ghaleon forced me to remove him.





Wow. Female twins. You must be my sisters.

Yes we are.

Enough chit chat. Are you gonna give me the book or not?

*gets out the book* Never! *casts Megid on the Orakian Book. The Book is incinerated and burned to ashes*


The power is too great for one person to handle.

I'll kill you all! Prepare yourself, Orakian.

*takes out a hidden shard* Orakio! Catch! *throws Orakio the shard*

*catches the shard* Thanks. *reaches into his bag of tricks and gets his original armor out, which he then equips.*

You liar!

So sue me, Magic Queen.

*blasts 984 with a thunderbolt*

*the thunderbolt hits 984 and renders him unconscious.*

That was uncalled for. Just you an me now, Ghaleon.

And me.

And me.

And me.

You kidding Rulakir? You have no power.

*splits the shard into two* Here Rulakir. *gives Rulakir 1/2 of the shard*

Thank you.

You Orakians have no chance. Prepare to die! Hahahahahahahaha!

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(Streets of Rage 2 - Revenge of Mr. X)