*stand ready to fight*

Now, shall I take you out one at a time or as a whole?

One at a time, please.

Suit yourself. *charges a thunderbolt in his hand*

*casts Tsu on Ghaleon*

You think your puny attack can stop me?

*casts Tandle on Ghaleon*

*loses his charge* Crap. That was better.

*runs up to Ghaleon and gives him a numberous round of kicks*

ouch, ooo, ow!

*casts Dark Megid on Ghaleon*

Ah! It burns!

*slashes Ghaleon with his Orakian Sword*

Gah! You haven't gotten me yet. Take this! *casts Thunder Blow on his opponents. Huge bolts of thunder come from above and hit each of his opponents*

I don't know about you, but that was some powerful.

You boys are such weaklings. That barely left a scar on me.

True. You boys tend to be whimps sometimes.

Not me, him!

Quiet you. You were hurt as well.

Not greatly though.

Gah. Constant bickering. Makes me glad that I never had a family.

Girls, you know Megid, right?


Dark Megid, but not normal.


If we all fire our Megids at the same time, it should be enough to defeat Ghaleon.

Are you done talking yet?

Not yet, but we each have a couple of words for you.

And what is that?

MEGID! *fires Megid at Ghaleon*

DARK MEGID! *fires Dark Megid at Ghaleon*

Oh crap. *is hit by all 4 attacks.* NOOOOOOOO! *collapses*

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(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Final Boss)