We did it!

Ghaleon is no more!

*walks in* Very impressive, my daughters.


You were watching us this whole time?

And you didn't even bother to help?

Ho ho ho. No my sons. This is something you had to do on your own.


You saved us Orakio!

Thank you.

Finally, I can get out of this dress.

This will make an excellent story someday.

Hey, I helped too you know.

Let it go, Rulakir.

Why does he always get the attention?

Because I am cool.

Hey, where did the other women go?

*walks in* I sent them home with the rest of the guys to fix up Control by Christmas time.

Chief. How did you survive the fall?

*limps in* He landed on me.

Bah, I've fallen through rooves before. This was nothing.

Well, at least Ghaleon is gone now.

Yeah. If I wasn't in that dress, I would have defeated Ghaleon faster than a piano falling on my Merlin.

Wait a second guys. Do you sense something?

Yeah, I sense something... evil.

Chief. Take the girls back to Control. This isn't over yet.

Since when do you give orders?

You'd better go, Chief.

Oh all right. *walks off with the girls.*

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(Phantasy Star IV - Fal)