Somehow, I don't like this.

My children. Run!

*a loud thunderous noise is heard and a large blast of energy hits the father in the chest*

Gah! No!!!!!! *dies*


What in tarnation?

That power...

Only of true Darkness.

*limps in* *coughs* I am not finished with you yet, Orakians.

That sucka' just won't stay dead.


Oh no. I know what's coming. fear...

This can't be good. I demonstrate...

Hold your ground guys. TRUE POWER!

Somehow, I knew this was coming.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *transforms into an armored beast*

Holy crap.

Ahahahahahahahahahaha! You Orakians don't stand a chance now.

What do we do?

His power is through the roof.

That would explain the flames.

Now, the world will truely be mine! The world is mine to command! Face it, you don't stand a chance, Orakians.

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(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Fear of Fight)