*nods to Rulakir*

*nods to Orakio*

Take your best shot, Orakians.

Alright. *flares up his energy*

*flares up hs energy*

What is this?

The true power of the Orakian race.

The Super Orakian.

You think two Super Orakians will stop me?


...but maybe four will *flares up her energy*

*flares up her energy*


Now, the circle is complete...

...the four Orakians are fully powered.

Face it Ghaleon...

...you don't stand a chance.

This can't be.

Get ready, Ghaleon. *separate into their battle stances*

Well, you just made mistake #1. *disappears*

What happen?

*reappears in front of Orakia and slashes her with his magic sword*

Gah! *attempts to cast a spell on Ghaleon*

*disappears again*

On your toes, guys!

*reappears in front of Rulakir and slashes him with his magic sword*

*tries to slash him*

*disappears again*

Crap. He is too fast.

I'll say.

*reappears in front of Rulakia and slashes her with his magic sword*

Ah! *tries to kick Ghaleon*


I know who is next *grabs the Orakian Sword*

*reappears in front of Orakio*

*slashes Ghaleon with the Orakian Sword.*

*gets hit then disappears again*

Everybody! Form a circle!

*stands across from Orakia*

*stands beside Orakio*

*stands acrros from Rulakia.*

Orakia has the right idea. Charge up your Megid attack. *charges up his Megid attack*

*charges up their Megid attacks*

Wait for it... *continues to charge*

*continues to charge*

Wait for it... *continues to charge*

*continues to charge*

*reappears in the middle of the circle*

NOW! *fires his Megid attack at Ghaleon*

*fires their Megid attacks at Ghaleon*

Oh crap. *is incinerated to ashes*

We did it! *cools down*

*cools down*

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(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Boss)