Hey Chief, where is everyone?

Not here, can't you see?

I mean where are all of the control agents?

They are here.

Besides the Orakians!

Oh them. I sent them on a vacation. If you hurry, you can still catch the ship.

WHAT?!?! When does it leave?

In about... um... now.

What? *warps out*

How come they get a vacation and not us?

That seems totally unfair.

Don't worry. The ship leads them to T-Isle. That is where Mr. T trains the control agents.

*somewhere on the ship*

Ah, I can't wait to get to the island. I deserve a vacation.

Yeah, I agree. Control agents work so hard.

Except for that Orakian.

Yeah, he makes things look so easy.

Yeah, he noa like-a mya narrations.

I say we kill him when we have the chance.

Sounds like an idea to me, but how do we do so?

Maybe not even kill him. Just torture him.

Nah. A deatha bringa more joya.

*warps in* Hey guys.

Hey X. Got any ideas of how we are going to kill Orakio?

Why do you want to kill Orakio?

Because then it gives us more opportunities.

*over the monitor* You sucka's ain't gonna be killing nobody in the near future.

What do you want?

Look off the right side foo'. That there is T-Isle. Your headquarters for pain and training.


*double gulp*

*gulps and swollows X*

*from inside Kirby* Hey! Let me out!

*spits X out* Sorry.

Yuck! What have you been eating anyways?

See you all on T-Isle. *turns off the monitor*

I think we've got our work cut out for us right now.

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(Legend of Dragoon - Bale)