*back at Control HQ*

Well, I hope Mr. T gives them some good fighting advice.

C'mon Orakio. If it was fighting advice I wanted out of this, I would have sent just you.

Oh come on. I'm a good fighter.

Yeah right. From what I've seen, your attacks are limited to a sword slash and Megid.

That is the only actions I can type.

Well I expect you to do a better job typing then.


ANYWAYS! Who is left at Control?

You two, Rune, and myself.

You expect us to hold off an attack?

What attack Orakio? We're at peace right now.

That is what we said last time, and didn't the Non-Entity almost destroy us?

I guess so. But I wouldn't worry.

I hope not.

No worries. Now, off to bed. I've got some errands for you both to run tomorrow.


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(Knuckles Kaotix - Botanic Base)