*later that night*

I guess I'm ready to hit the hay.

Yeah, I'll head to my room. Good night, Orakio.



*thunder claps*

Looks like a storm a brewin'. *looks out the window* Looks like a nasty one at that.

*another clap of thunder and the lights go out*

Just great. *makes his way to the bed and stubs his toe on the desk* Dammit!

*thunder claps again*

I always do that. Dammit all.

Voice: Hahahahahahahahaha

What was that? *reaches for his sword*

Voice: *growls* Orakian.

Show yourself!

Voice: I will make myself known in time. Right now, you have to die.

Just bring it, buster.

*out of nowhere, a huge blast of dark energy enters Orakio's chest*

Gah! What is this power?

Voice: The power of the true darkness. Just try to stop us now.

SY...CO... *collapses*

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(Final Fantasy VII - Trail of Blood)