*the next morning*

*opens the door* Rise and shine Orakio.


Very funny Orakio, now get up! *reaches to pick him up*

*still motionless*

Orakio? *checks for a pulse* CHIEF! GET IN HERE QUICK!

What's wrong?

*almost in tears* Orakio's not breathing.

What happened?

I don't know.

Go get Rune, I'll look after him.

Right. *leaves*

Orakio. What could have happened?

*returns* Here he is.

What is wrong?

Orakio looks as though he is dead.

Lemme look at him. *looks at him* Hmmmm... hmmmm.... Interesting.

What is wrong?

It looks as though he was attacked in the middle of the night. But there is no sign of a struggle.

Is he dead?

He is almost dead. Let me take him to the lab. In the meantime, try to get a report on anything strange going on in the area.

Hey, who is the chief here?

Since I do most of the work anyways, it should be me.

Yeah, well... uh... your mother!

*picks up Orakio* Very mature, Chief. *walks off to the lab*

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(Final Fantasy VII - Off the Edge of Despair)