Chief, do you think this could be SYCO?

I don't know. I didn't handle SYCO at all.

*enters* You suck as a chief, you know that!

Chief Al?

Yeah, it's me. You obviously know nothing about chiefing duties.

Yeah, well what you going to do about it?

Quiet both of you. Chief Al, do you know what is going on here?

I do not think that this is the work of SYCO.

And why not?

Because the power of SYCO is not natural.


Of nature. I think someone has harnessed the power of nature.

Why would someone do that?

The only think more powerful than the power of nature is the power of God himself.

Why do you think it's nature though?

Power of Nature doesn't leave marks on its victim.

So that would explain why Orakio didn't even have a mark on him.

Wait a second. Aren't the elements of nature?

Yes and no. Fire is natural, but the power of Nature doesn't consist of fire. It consist of Time, the only power that no one can stop.

So this is bad.

Yes, it is.

So what do we do?

I guess we have to wait until help arrives.

Great, we don't even know why Orakio is dying, and all we can do is wait.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - The Salt Flats)