Well, I think we finally found the end of their tracks.


Look at that!

What is that?

An alter?

Look who is there?

*over at the alter*

Oh mighty animal lord, accept our sacrifice so that you may rise and destroy the world to create a new.

Let me go!

Yeah, what she said.

I don't want to be a sacrifice for this demon.

Quiet you. Lord Zak is coming.

Ah, I see that the animal lord will be very pleased indeed.

What are they doing?

We've got to attack now!

Yeah, we attack now.

Wait a bit.

You've found 3 young virgins for our offering.

*muffled laughter* If they wanted a virgin, they should have just taken Orakio while he was knocked out. Would have saved the KKK the trouble.



*turns around* I hear something.

Uh oh. I think he spotted us.

Humans! *flies over to the girls*

What the?

Ah, more sacrifices. Welcome to the rebirth of FOWL.


We are the animal based orginization that uses the power of Time rather than the elements to destroy the world.

So you're the one that cursed Orakio!

Yes, I am. He got a weak dose of what we can do.

Ok. This isn't good.

And you know the best part? We are immune to the elements.

Oh crap. Got any ideas now, Orakia?

Looks like FOWL will have us where SYCO couldn't.

SYCO? Those humans couldn't take over the world if they tried.

Explain Tsarkon then? Wasn't he animal?

Tsarkon was a human infused with demon powers. Nothing to do with animals. KKK!

*flies over* Yes Lord Zak?

Tie up these humans. Make a bigger sacrifice. The cermimony starts in 12 hours!

*fires a net around all of the girls and takes them to the alter*

With Orakio out of the picture and control gone, FOWL will destroy this world.

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(Phantasy Star II - Under)