Now where am I?

Dark Force! Even if I have to destroy myself, you will die!

Hahahahahahaha! Give me your worst!

Dark Force? How many times have I defeated him now?

*stabs his black blade into the face of Dark Force*


*slashes at both of the claws*

*the claws become paralyzed*

You've destroyed every ship except for two. You deserve to die.

As long as hatred and evil exsists, I will find a way to return. I cannot be defeated.

*stabs his sword into Dark Force's face one more time*

Don't I die here?

With my last breath, I seal you inside this temple, Dark Force.

You may have won this battle Orakio, but the war will belong to me. *disappears*

Now, my job is over. *dies*

*the temple sinks below the ground and into the lake*

Ok, if I am dead, why am I alive.... or at least somewhat alive?

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(Phantasy Star III - Dark Force)