Why am I still alive?

Voice: We are almost there.

Hmmmm. Did you recover the body of Orakio?

Yes sir, I did.

Good. We need two donars to infuse the blood and mind of this person into.

Already taken care of.


Wait a minute. Are you saying that the Orakians are a fake race?

Voice: I guess you could say that. But it all started with this one man.

But what made him so great? Because he sealed off a demon?

Voice: That is the problem. The Orakians are a feared race, but they are no different than a normal human.

Explain the powerup then?

Voice: The Doctor, while creating the Orakian race, placed a gene inside that would allow an Orakian to increase his own power. It would only take effect after thousands of years... and if the Orakian Light shined bright.

Orakian Light? What does that have to do with anything?

Voice: That is where the gene came from. If that light died, so would your power.

So that explains things then.

Voice: Find this Rolf and help him on his quest. You inherited the will and mind of the original Orakio somehow.

I guess I am lucky.

Voice: But remember the one enemy that you will never be able to defeat... that enemy is Time.


Voice: Good luck, Orakio.

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(Phantasy Star III - Megido)